"Then I went down to
the Potter's house and,
behold, He wrought
a work on the wheels."

Jeremiah 18:4

Friday, April 18, 2014

An Update to Our Strange and Wonderful Life

Clearly blogging hasn't been on my top 10 (or even 20) list for the past 4 months. Our days have been at times strange, but mostly wonderful; at times stressful but mostly joyful. There is a lot to share, but there is even more to silently ponder. I wish I could open my heart and mind and pour it all into yours but I am afraid that would be a very foolish decision. This clay pot has too many holes and cracks still to be displayed to the public. 

Other than eating chicken shawarma and Chai Banana Bread, both of which are highly recommended, the kids and I stayed home last week while the DH went to visit the family of a brother in Cancun. They live in a town of 4000 people called Nicolas Bravo, near Chetumal, Q. Roo. It's basically built on top of Mayan ruins, so sounds like a pretty neat place! There were a good number at the meetings and definite interest in the gospel. We hope and expect to be able to make many more visits in the future. 

Another couple have been called and carried by God to Cancun, for which we are incredibly grateful. It's been a joy to work with the believers there and we miss them tremendously already but its a relief to know they are in good hands. The evident growth and vision they have has been very encouraging to us. Please pray for their first [mini] conference, the first weekend of May. 
With Cancun no longer our responsibility, we are looking forward to focusing a bit more on the assembly in Carmen and the works in Emiliano Zapata and Paraiso. New faces have been attending in each of these places, so we are thankful to be convinced once again that God is interested in saving and building up assembly testimony. Some of the believers in Carmen continue to go through difficult times in their personal lives but their faithfulness to God and the assembly has been a blessing to us. 

The hot season has begun here in the south, bringing with it a tropical rash on the kids, something along the lines of chicken pox and hands, foot mouth disease but neither. Its healing nicely though and they don't seem to be itchy anymore which is great! 
FK is full of personality, imagination and amuses us daily with hilarious speeches.  MM is in the midst of being potty trained, roaring at all Skyping family members and hunting down cockroaches with his little hammer. They are quite the pair. 

Emiliano Zapata 

Seasoned little travelers! 

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DuncanandAnna Beckett said...

Hi Penny, Just read this blog post from April! It's good to hear how you are all doing even if it's a little outdated :) Congratulations on the little one we hear is coming along. Hopefully the Lord will open up another opportunity to spend time together again! Love, Anna